House Cervinia Website




  • UX/UI Design
  • Development of a website with Next.js

Our re-designed key words were: simplicity, inspirational and transparent. We used common interface patterns to help users find the best match for his stay in Cervinia, by using filters and dividing the apartments in two categories: luxury apartment and regular apartment.

House Cervinia clients are mainly sportive people, we designed a website that adapts it’s colors and aesthetics to each season, which is connected to the sport practiced at that moment of the year: ski for winter; mountain bike for spring; climbing for summer and hiking for fall.

To develop the website we used Next.js, a framework based on React with support for server-side rendering.
We deployed it using a geographically distributed network (CDN).
This, together with the respect of all the best practices, allowed us to create a website with an excellent user experience, fast and responsive.

To allow the client to manage the contents and data of the apartments in a simple and fully autonomous way we used a headless CMS, which allowed us to create a custom administration interface.

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