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Helping mountain lovers find a place in Cervinia

To enhance the online presence of its apartments, House Cervinia asked us to create a new and improved experience through their website.

House Cervinia

Simplifying life on a boat

Captayn asked us to automate the process from detecting a problem on board to its complete resolution.

Blank Placeholder

Entertaining fair visitors

An AMC asked us to create an engaging web browser game within 15 days, to addd excitement to the fair experience.

The new american dream

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We are a team with strong experience in startups, e-commerce, fintech, and software development . Throughout our careers, we have successfully executed a multitude of projects across various industries, in numerous countries, and in diverse languages. We believe that ultimately, after a project is completed, the best things that endure are customer satisfaction and the valuable human relationships forged along the way.

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